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The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with built in temperature controllers including N2 and compressed air selection. Weld any kind of plastic with the Nitroweld system using N2. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen supply (tank) or can be attached to a nitrogen generator. If used with a nitrogen cylinder, the built in selector allows the user to pre-heat and cool down with compressed air and ONLY use the N2 supply for the direct welding process. Using our optional NW650-N2 generator eliminates the need for tanked nitrogen. Everything you need to start welding immediately is included in the system. The unit is totally portable and mobile on the included cart.


HeatPro 200 is a compressed air heater to optimize your spray painting process to increase productivity and efficiency.
Increased temperature promotes flash time and improves cycle time.
Higher finish quality on clear coats.
Use with all liquid material including primer and sealer. Works with both water borne and solvent-based materials. The built in temperature controller allows maximum user control. Temperatures are adjustable for application of different liquid materials. Ideal temperatures can be achieved for sealer, primer, base and clear coats. Included in the system is a 35ft heated hose that attaches to your spray gun. (spray gun in image not included)


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Nitrogen Generator for Plastic Welder

Never buy tanked nitrogen again. Just supply compressed air and you have nitrogen available for as long as you need it. No need to preheat your plastic welder with compressed air anymore.


Get the Nitromax system for the ultimate in spray painting technology.

  • Save Paint
  • Improve Cycle Time
  • Improve Finish Quality

Average ROI between 12 to 18 months


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