The industrial Nitroheat solution is the leading equipment for the highest quality paint application, improved finish quality and is the most environmentally friendly.

If you are applying any liquid using a compressed air atomization process, NITROMAX from Nitroheat will enhance your productivity. From high solid paints to substrate protection liquids, the use of heated nitrogen will improve flash time, quality and minimize wastage.

Our high performance standard and custom solutions are designed to meet the demands of high volume, high purity and high pressure. From basic painting to mine inerting solutions, we can supply the best “Nitrogen on Demand” systems.

We design and develop a variety of solutions for industrial applications that require Nitrogen on Demand”. Our equipment can deliver varying pressure, flow and purity. Both PSA and membrane solutions can be utilized in environments that require any purity from 95 to 99.99% and pressures from 1 to 1000psi.

From component manufacturing to high volume painting, we have a solution for your application.


  • Cost saving of 50% to 300% over Bulk Liquid Nitrogen, Dewars and Nitrogen Cylinders
  • No safety or handling issues with bulky high pressure cylinders or dangers of cryogenic liquids
  • No complicated supply contracts with ever escalating charges

Any liquid that is sprayed onto a substrate for protective or functional purposes using compressed air for atomization can benefit from the use of heated Nitrogen.


Less Wastage


Faster Drying


Finish Quality


Liquid Savings