Nitrogen in Mining

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Nitrogen in Coal Mining Applications

The Challenge

Mines fires, especially in coal mines have created many challenges for human safety form centuries due to the spontaneous heating of coal. Fires in coal mines cause huge loses to natural resources, threaten human safety and emit toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The Solution

NITROGEN – being inert and lighter than air, nitrogen can fill up entire sections of the affected mine to eliminate and prevent fires. Having large volume nitrogen generators attached to your fire prevention systems and readily available in the vicinity of high temperature coal production is the proven deterrent that is needed in this environment. Nitrogen has been used in mining operations since the early 19th century. The technological development of “Nitrogen on Demand” from onsite nitrogen generators supplied by Nitroheat is the solution.

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Fracking with High Pressure High Purity NITROGEN

The MaxFrack-N2-100 is a high-powered self-contained unit that can be operated remotely and produces 170,000 liters per hour of 99% pure nitrogen at pressures up to 5000psi. The transportable unit is supplied on a shipping container platform and includes all equipment necessary to generate the high quality nitrogen on demand. NITROHEAT’s patent pending technology will address both environmental and logistical challenges of drilling operators. This technology will greatly improve productivity, efficiency and production costs of fracturing.

The complete transportable unit includes:

  • MaxFrack-N2
  • Power Generator
  • Rotary Vane Compressor
  • Air Dryer
  • Compressed Air Heaters
  • NITROSpec Filtration unit
  • Combo Membrane & PSA Generator
  • Receiver Tanks
  • High Pressure N2 Booster
  • High Pressure Receivers
  • PLC controlled Valve bodies
  • Multi Stage N2 outputs

Legislation as well as the availability of water has caused numerous challenges for fracking operators. The MaxFrack-N2 from NITROHEAT will allow operators to use Nitrogen as an alternative to water thereby minimizing the environmental impact. In many shale environments, Nitrogen assisted processes have proven to be more effective with lower costs than water treatments.