20% RULE



A. Reduce Pressure by 20%

Atomization with the single nitrogen gas does not require as much pressure as atomization with compressed air



B. Reduce Fluid Feed by 20%

The improved transfer efficiency of heated nitrogen can cause an “over flow” of paint on the substrate.



C. Mix 20% less Paint

The increased transfer efficiency of A + B will result in lower paint utilization. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WILL HAVE LESS PAINT ON THE SUBSTRATE – THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL BE WASTING LESS PAINT. (indicative in the drop in overspray)




  1. Mount upright OUTSIDE spray booth.
  2. Connect heated hose, thermocouple connector and heater power cables to top of heater
  3. Route heated hose through spray booth wall and add quick connect to attach to spray gun/s
  4. Add regulator to INPUT of heater
  5. Connect N2 line to regulator
  6. Supply 110VAC / 220VAC
  7. Switch ON
  8. Check Green LED, Temp controller and multimeter turns ON.
  9. Set temperature
  10. Allow air / N2 to flow through system and monitor temperature increase within hose to SET temp
  11. Switch off at night




Thermocouple plug fits in ONE way only. Make sure the polarity is correct

Test to ensure that temperature rises when air flows through the heater. (if temperature decrease during air flow, the thermocouple connector is reversed.)



  1. Press A/T button – press once to change last digit, press twice to change second (middle) digit
  2. Press UP or DOWN arrows until desired temperature is reached
  3. Press SET to save temperature.

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