Spray Painting with Heated Nitrogen

Guaranteed to Improve Your Paint Application Process and Material Consumption

– Save on liquid materials, improve flash time, finish quality and productivity!
Conventional compressed air consists of different gases carrying impurities traveling at different speeds resulting in molecular “collisions” promoting overspray, uneven distribution and layout of paint particles.
Heated Nitrogen from Nitroheat, consists of the same size molecule, traveling at the same speed in the same direction carrying more paint promotes an even layout and distribution and minimizes overspray.

Benefits of Heated Nitrogen

Transfer Efficiency

Spraying with a single gas (N2) improves minimizes the overspray, thereby wasting less material and improving your transfer efficiency. A higher volume of paint is transferred to the part being painted and less material is wasted into the atmosphere

Flash Time

The Nitrogen supplied by the Nitromax system is inert and dry (characteristics of Nitrogen), the introduction of heat via the heated hose to the spray gun promotes paint flash time and consequently productivity.

Finish Quality

The absence of moisture ensures a higher finisher quality. Minimize “buffing and sanding”

Cycle Time

Faster flash times, better transfer efficiency and cleaner finish quality results in improved cycle times

Comparison between Nitroheat and Compressed Air

Ryan Evans, Counts Kustoms, First experience with Nitroheat

Pat Shrewsbury, Prestige Quality Collision, CA, 1 Year Review

Marc Denton, Burnside Collision, Portland, Oregon 1 Year Review

Tim Ciri, MAACO Vancouver, Washington


Over Spray




Flash Time








Reduce Paint Wastage.. up to....


Faster Flash Time


Decrease Overspray


Improve Cycle Time


Nitrogen generators that connect to your compressed air outlet to supply unlimited nitrogen to your paint shop irrespective of the number of paint booths or painters. Our single spray gun solution – NM15 – with the option to upgrade is adequate for most automotive facilities. The NM30 dual spray gun system is the most popular and can be used with receiver tanks and additional HeatPro 200 units for the larger facilities.
These systems can be used in any liquid application – Automotive or Industrial.
Industrial coating users apply a variety of liquids on numerous substrates including steel, aluminum, plastic and other non-ferrous materials. The liquid materials vary in content and viscosity and like any other liquid spray on application, compressed air is used as a propellant. Moisture in compressed has always been a challenge for most spray-on applications. Using the Nitromax solutions from Nitroheat eliminates this concern altogether. The introduction of heat in a controlled thermal process further enhances the productivity and transfer efficiency of the process. We have Nitroheat systems working a variety of industrial applications.
Nitrogen has a broad range of uses in industrial, chemical and food segments amongst others. Some of typical and more common uses of Nitrogen is mining, fire prevention, food packaging, electronics component production and pharmaceuticals.
Nitroheat specializes in Nitrogen for paint application. However, we have designed built custom N2 generator systems for custom applications.


NitroMax is a stand-alone system installed in-line between your compressed air supply and the spray gun. Ideal for use in both water borne and solvent paint applications. This model includes the innovative NITROHEAT pre-filtration system, the nitrogen membrane separator and our unique HeatPro200 (heated hose controller) and a heated hose.


  • Reduction of overspray
  • Improved transfer efficiency
  • Improved curing time
  • Improve cycle time, productivity and finish quality


HeatPro 200 is a compressed air heater used to increase productivity and efficiency.

It is ideal for spray-painting of both water borne and solvent-based materials. The built in set value and present value temperature controller allows maximum user control. Temperatures are adjustable for application of different liquid materials. Ideal temperatures can be achieved for sealer, primer, base and clear coats.


Remove static from the substrate during every paint stage to remove impurities and ensure your paint lays down smooth and flat. Use together with the Nitromax to ensure correct metallic orientation on every coat.

  • neutralises electrostatic charge and cleans surfaces in a single work step.

  • generates a powerful jet of air that is high in positive and negative ions.

  • optimizes the paint application process.

  • needs no power supply or batteries whatsoever – a worldwide unique innovation.

  • increases your business’ efficiency and profitability.

  •  reduces time and effort of your finishing work.

  • is light and extremely robust.


The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with built in temperature controllers including N2 and compressed air selection. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen supply (tank) or can be attached to a nitrogen generator. If used with a nitrogen cylinder, the built in selector allows the user to pre-heat and cool down with compressed air and ONLY use the N2 supply for the direct welding process. Using our optional NW650-N2 generator eliminates the need for tanked nitrogen. Included in the system is an airless welder that is used for smoothing out the plastic after welding.


See Ryan’s comments on video after his initial use of the Nitroheat system, and after spraying the new Counts Kustoms shop truck
(Counting Cars – Aired on the History Channel, Season 7, Episode 1)

Ryan Evans

Lead Painter - Counting Cars on History Channel, Counts Kustoms

“Ever since we installed Nitroheat, we have been painting more cars per day and getting better finishes”

Jack Barseghian

Manager, Harrys - Approved Aston Martin, Lambhourghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce

“Nitroheat has 30% on drying time and paint materials”



Tim Ciri

Owner, MAACO, Vancouver, Washington

“I cannot see myself going back to compressed air”

Pat Shrewsbury

Lead Painter - Owner, Prestige Quality Collision

“Every paintshop should have one”



Owner Painter, Burnside Collision, Portland, Oregon

“By installing and using this heating system, it has decreased our cycle time and increased productivity by 25%”



Brian Tanner

Paint Manager, Walters Porsche, Mercedes, Audi

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