What applications does the NITROMAX work in?

The NITROMAX works in any facility (automotive or industrial) that uses a spray gun to atomize fluid with compressed air as a propellant using either HVLP, LVLP, Air Assisted Airless or Electro-static

What is your turn around time?

All standard equipment has a seven (7) day lead from receipt of order. Custom requirements can vary depending on the application and logistics. Robotic installations require a site visit.

Do you have a distributor program?

Yes, we focus on manufacturing and work closely with distributors, agents and manufacturer representatives to “take our product to market”

Can the Equipment be leased?

Yes, you can lease the equipment via your financial institutions or via our leasing partners

Do you Offer Credit?

Yes, we do offer credit at nominal interest rates with a 50% deposit.

How long has Nitroheat been manufacturing this system?

Nitroheat started manufacturing in 2010

Where is the manufacturing done?

Portland, Oregon

Do you offer training?

Yes, training is compulsory with every installation


Do I need to by Nitrogen Tanks?

NO, the NITROMAX system uses compressed air to separate the gases and supply nitrogen under pressure to the spray gun via the Heatprosystem

How many heaters can I use with one Nitrogen system?

Nitromax 30 – 2 spray guns simultaneously. Multiple guns can be added.

Nitromax 15 – 1 Spray gun. you can have multiple heaters but you can only use “one at a time”

Do I need a receiver tank?

A receiver tank is not necessary, but is recommended if you have a low volume compressor or more than 2 spray guns being used simultaneously

What is the electrical consumption?

Nitromax – 1.5A

HeatPro – 6.8A

Both units require either 110VAC or 220VAC

Where is the equipment located?

The Nitrogen generator and heater controllers are located outside of the spray booth. The fully insulated hose is “fed” into the spray booth and attached to the spray gun.

Do I need a special spray gun?

No. You do not need any special equipment

Can the heater be used without the nitrogen generator?

Yes, the heater can be used with compressed air.

What is the Warranty Period?

2 years on nitrogen generators and 1 year on heaters and welders.

What is the warranty repair process?

Any units that malfunction under warranty will be swapped out to minimize loss of production