NW650 Plastic Nitrogen Welder

“TIG welding” for plastic components. Use with nitrogen for the strongest bond.

Plastic Welder

The Nitroweld NW-650 is a complete plastic welding station with built in temperature controllers including N2 and compressed air selection. This unit can be used with an external nitrogen supply (tank) or can be attached to a nitrogen generator. If used with a nitrogen cylinder, the built in selector allows the user to pre-heat and cool down with compressed air and ONLY use the N2 supply for the direct welding process. Using our optional NW650-N2 generator eliminates the need for tanked nitrogen. Included in the system is an airless welder that is used for smoothing out the plastic after welding.

NW 650 Technical Specifications

NW650 /- N2UNITS
Volume output (cfm)1
Maximum outlet pressure (psi)15
Purity (%)98
Nitrogen Outlet¼”
Power Connection TypeIEC 320
Supply Voltage110 VAC
Max Current Draw8.5A
Temperature F (C)36 – 122 (2 50)
Humidity80% MAX ≤ 31°C
Pollution Degree2
Noise dB(A)<65

Plastics Welding Temperature

CodePlasticMelting Temp °C
ABSAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene350
ABS/PCPolymer alloy of above350
PAPolyamide (Nylon)400
PBTPolybutylene Terephtalate (POCAN)350
PURPolyurethane (Not all PUR is weldable) 
PVCPolyvinyl Chloride300
GRP/SMCGlass Fiber Reinforced Plastics isNot weldable 

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